Bounce House Liability

Who is responsible for bounce house injuries? Several people or companies could be at fault, including:

  • The operator/supervisor of the bounce house when the injury occurred
  • The renter—the person, group, entity, or organization responsible for leasing the bounce house (often the same person who is required to supervise the ride during the lease)
  • The business that leased the bounce house to the renter
  • The bounce house installer

Operator/Supervisor, Renter Liability

If you or your loved one has received a bounce house injury, you should determine or recall to the best of your memory if the bounce house operator/supervisor or renter- supervisor:

  • Provided adequate warning prior to entry into the bounce house
  • Made sure warning signs and restrictions were visible
  • Followed and enforced age guideline restrictions
  • Enforced maximum occupant guidelines
  • Followed safety rules and instructions per the lease agreement or manufacturers’ instructions
  • Stopped improper and rowdy behaviors
  • Provided adult supervision at all times

Bounce House Rental Company Liability

In some cases, you may have received a bounce house injury as a result of a bounce house rental company’s failure to:

  • Provide operators/renters with the manufacturers’ owner’s manual, operating instructions, and safety rules
  • Provide operators/renters with adequate warning signage or postings
  • Provide operators/renters with a training program
  • Provide operators/renters with adequate installation (if installed by their installer)
  • Ensure that operators/renters understood and were aware of the need to closely comply with all operating instructions and all safety rules

The Bounce House Installer

Because a bounce house injury result from improper installation, the following factors regarding the bounce house installer can help determine liability:

  • Installation training and experience
  • Industry-wide certification
  • Ability to decide when, where, and how to install
  • Instructions received regarding installation
  • Level of installation complexity

If you feel that you have a claim for injuries caused by the negligence of another with respect to a bounce house or other inflatable structure, contact our office today.

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